5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Licensed Boiler Technician

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Boilers are highly complex and sensitive machines, but they are tough and built to endure extreme temperatures for hours on end. The efficiency of a boiler is dependent upon many factors. Even the slightest miscalculation could lead to corrosion and other issues that could be fatal to operability.

Unfortunately, you cannot climb inside of a boiler to examine the mixture while it is operational. You must regularly inspect, maintain, and clean your boiler to check for any corrosion or other damage. Annual check-ups and cleanings by a licensed boiler technician can ensure that no major issues occur. The following are five other reasons to hire a licensed technician to service your boiler.


The modern economy has developed specialties because it is cheaper to allow a few companies to become experts than to expect all companies to maintain equipment. To some degree, everyone can be self-sufficient, but boiler repair is complicated and dangerous. Do-it-yourself repairs could be fatal to the machine and dangerous to yourself or employees.

Specialization allows companies to design ever more complex and efficient industrial boilers. The more efficient your boiler, the more value you will get out of it. Licensed commercial boiler technicians can fix and repair any issues and maintain your system properly so new issues do not arise.

Fifty years ago, most people could maintain their own cars. However, modern technologies like computers mean that regular maintenance is out of reach for most people. You wouldn’t risk damaging your car’s computer or sensitive systems by trying to fix an error code yourself. Just as you would hire an expert to fix your car, you can hire an expert to repair your industrial boiler. Take advantage of a commercial technician’s experience and save money on repairing your equipment.

Experience and technical expertise

Licensed boiler technicians check and maintain industrial boilers every day. Through all of that experience they develop the expertise to review and correct issues before they become a major problem. It is their job to spot every possible issue.


If you have an outside company review and certify your boiler and something goes wrong, the company should be responsible. All boiler technicians must carry business and liability insurance. This ensures that if something breaks after an inspection, you can recover your costs against the technician’s insurer.

Industry standard

A licensed commercial technician is certified by the state licensing board. This certification ensures that you will receive a minimum level of competency and professionalism from the technician. This is especially important if your boiler requires extensive maintenance. A license is an external validation that this person knows what he or she is doing and that you can hold them accountable for their actions.

If an issue does arise, you can seek recourse with the state licensing board. This entity reviews and evaluates technicians throughout the state and will investigate if a boiler was improperly maintained. This outside entity is another protection that you enjoy with licensed boiler technicians.

Customer satisfaction

Established licensed technicians become successful because they put their customers first. An unlicensed technician or handyman cannot build a successful business and any money you save on labor costs will pop up in unanticipated repair bills. A licensed technician will care about his or her reputation and the reputation of their company.

An established company holds its employees to a higher standard to ensure that the company’s goodwill in the community is not damaged. You will not get that same protection for a small-time operator or unlicensed technician. Licensed technicians can ensure you get a higher level of service and expertise. The money you spend on these technicians will save you much more in extended boiler lifetimes and repair costs. The better you treat your equipment, the better it will treat you.

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