5 Reasons To Leave Drain Cleaning To The Professionals

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

A clogged drain can be a smelly, gunky mess. Getting the clog cleared and the drain flowing again needs to be a priority since the gases coming up from the drain can make your family sick. While it seems like a good idea to clear the clog yourself, it is something best left to a professional. The following are five reasons why hiring a professional is the best idea for drain cleaning.

The plumber brings experience and expertise to the job

A typical homeowner may know the mechanics of how to clear a drain, but not know the potential problems. Trying to force a clog out of a drain with the wrong equipment or the wrong technique can do damage and will require expensive repairs. A plumbing professional knows how drains of different configurations work and the right technique to clear them.

A plumber will have the right equipment on hand

Tough clogs often need more than just a plunger. Plumbers have several tools they can use to locate and clear a drain clog, even if it is at the bottom of the toilet or somewhere between the house and the sewer. Without the right tools, many homeowners rely on harsh chemicals to clear a clog. Most of these chemicals do not work effectively, which means that, if the clog clears, it will be back soon.

The professional job is done quickly and efficiently

With the right equipment and expertise, the plumber can clear a drain clog in a short amount of time. This professional may show up and within 15 minutes the water is going down the drain again with no issues. In most cases, a homeowner cannot get the job done that efficiently.

Hiring a plumber is the most cost effective option

If a homeowner is faced with a clogged drain that a plunger will not remove, the next step is running to the home improvement store to pick up professional drain cleaning equipment. For people who are not hardcore do-it-yourselfers, there is no need to have that equipment around. Call the plumber and have the job done right without investing in equipment that you will no longer need once the job is done.

The professional will do a thorough job

A homeowner may get a hole punched through the clog using a plunger or drain cleaning chemicals. However, unless you remove the entire clog or blockage, it will return. With the right equipment and knowledge, the plumber will clear the clog and make sure it will not come back again any time soon.

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