5 Reasons Your Industrial Boiler May Need Inspection

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018
boiler preventative maintenance in Amarillo, Texas

Industrial boilers are the heart of many companies, because they provide both heat and power. If your boiler breaks down, your company may endure costly shutdowns, missed deadlines, and broken contracts. Accordingly, keeping your industrial boilers well-maintained and efficient is crucial to your company’s success.

The productivity and output of your industrial boiler are dependent upon effective and regular inspection and maintenance. If you have skipped an annual inspection or noticed a decline in your system’s capacity, it may be time to call a professional technician. One problem with boilers is that some issues can build for years without showing it and erupt into a catastrophic shutdown. Other issues are obvious, but the solution may be less clear. To assist you in maintaining your industrial boiler, here are five indicators that it is due for an inspection.

Your boiler leaks during operation

If your industrial boiler is leaking while in use, that is typically an indication that too much heat is escaping the system. Boilers rely on closed-loop operations. The more efficient the system, the more heat it captures and recycles. If your boiler is losing heat, then it is also losing operational efficiency and putting your staff and equipment in danger. Your equipment operates at extreme pressures and heat, so a leak can easily turn into a blowout that severely injures one of your employees. If you notice a leak from your industrial boiler, you should immediately call a professional for assistance.

There is decline in operational performance

Your industrial boiler should have markers of performance that can be used to gauge its operational health. Ideally, you will have kept the operations and maintenance log up to date for your equipment. If you have not, it is recommended that you start a log as soon as possible. This record will help establish a baseline of performance that you can compare with current performance measurements, as well as previous maintenance work.

For example, if you notice a variation in fuel use or changes in pressure, water levels, or heat generation, there may be a problem. However, due to the complexity of industrial boilers, changes in performance aren’t always a reason for concern. Professional boiler technicians can help you examine your equipment’s components and determine what may need repair or replacement.

Your industrial boiler makes weird noises

Strange noises are always a problem, no matter what equipment is making them. If you hear a weird noise from your car, you know something is probably wrong. You can trust these instincts with your industrial boiler as well. Weird sounds are typically a sign of a malfunction or breakage somewhere in the system. Cracks, condensate pump issues, and leaks can all result in unusual noises while your equipment is running. If you hear clunking, scraping, rattling, or any other loud repetitive noises, you should contact a professional for maintenance as soon as possible.

The low water switch was tripped

Water cut-off mechanisms automatically halt your industrial boiler when water levels drop too low. Low water during firing conditions can cause severe damage to your boiler. Low water switches are crucial in preventing your industrial boiler from incurring massive damage. Make sure you take good care of these switches so they can operate efficiently.

If a low water switch is tripped, that could also indicate a problem with other components. Low water conditions can be a sign of feedwater pump failure, control valve failure, or numerous other issues that could require extensive maintenance.

You need to reduce operating costs

Boilers are tough, but complicated machines. Without proper maintenance, an entire system can shut down, costing your business operating hours and large sums of money on repairs. However, industrial boiler inspections and maintenance aren’t just for preventing major problems. These services can also improve the operational efficiency and costs of your boiler. Regular inspections can help you manage part replacements, improve performance measurements, reduce fuel usage, and increase power. Inspections can help you identify areas where your industrial boiler can improve in operational and cost efficiency.

Expert industrial boiler services in the Texas Panhandle

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