4 Ways To Prepare Your Commercial HVAC For Fall And Winter

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
preparing your commercial HVAC system for fall and winter

This summer is one of the hottest on record, especially in the Texas Panhandle, but eventually, the seasons change. As you can probably imagine, the way your commercial HVAC works in the summer is dramatically different from the way it works in the winter. The following will go over how you should spot check your system to ensure that it is ready for cooler temperatures. This can save your company money by providing more efficient operations and preventing maintenance issues.

Change your HVAC filters

You should inspect and switch out your HVAC filters often. You should replace these every month but, if you don’t do that, then you can switch them out before fall sets in.

You may wonder why you need to switch the filters. In the winter, people tend to close their doors and windows to keep the heat from escaping. However, this also means that it prevents fresh air from entering, so you will need the filters to work overtime to remove particulates and contaminants.

Tune up your furnace

In the spring and summer, you should rarely turn on your heater. That means it could be five months or more before your furnace is fired up. So, how do you know if it still works when you need it? The last thing you want is a broken heater on the first cold day in fall. Your tenants, employees, or customers will not be comfortable or happy. To prevent any issues, you should schedule an expert to inspect your furnace and confirm that it is ready to begin operations.

Clean your ductwork

Ductwork refers to the series of elevated tunnels that snake through your ceilings. The ductwork transports the cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Inevitably, this part of your commercial HVAC system will accumulate dust and debris. Dirty ductwork is less efficient at moving air and decreases indoor air quality. Before you switch into winter mode, you should schedule someone to inspect and clean your ductwork. While they are there, they can also check to see if there are any holes or obstructions causing issues.

Check for leaks

Leaks are one of the easiest ways to lose warm air. The more air you lose, the more your commercial HVAC system has to work. This decreases efficiency and increases costs. Also, the more your HVAC has to work, the sooner it will need maintenance and replacement of parts. So, to prevent this issue, you should check your building’s seals around windows and doors. If you notice cracking, it is time to replace the seals. Sealing leaks is one of the cheapest ways to save money with your HVAC system.

Commercial HVACR services in Texas

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