4 Tips To Save Money With Your Commercial Refrigeration System

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
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Refrigeration systems are some of the largest consumers of electricity in the world. Some studies place refrigeration at around twenty percent of worldwide energy consumption. However, if you follow this simple checklist, you may be able to substantially reduce your energy costs up to twenty percent of your overall electrical consumption. Additionally, you may be able to extend the life of your equipment through more efficient use and better maintenance scheduling.

Clean the condensers

First, keep your condenser coils clean and degrease them if necessary. Condenser coils can be located under, on the back, or on top of the unit depending on your model. Your refrigerator should be unplugged when cleaning the coils. Checking the coils is especially important if your refrigeration system is in an area that collects dust or has poor airflow. You should inspect your coils at least once a month to check for any dust or debris buildup.

Check the gaskets

You should also inspect the gaskets on your commercial refrigeration system. The gaskets seal your system and prevent leakage that can result in wasted energy. Check these components every six months to a year for abrasions and other signs of wear and tear. Worn down gaskets can let in warm and humid air slowly, but consistently cost you money if they are not fully operational.

Door closers

Your commercial refrigeration system should be equipped with automatic door closers. If your doors are left open, you are wasting energy and increasing energy costs. Your refrigeration system was not designed to cool anything beyond the unit, so keeping the doors open forces it to work longer and harder. This drives up electricity costs, and increases wear and tear on your system. Anti-sweat door heaters can be installed that should have adaptive settings to only turn on when the inside doors have condensation.

Clean all machines

Your commercial refrigeration system should be inspected and cleaned at least twice a year. A professional technician can create a maintenance schedule for cleaning and repair it on a regular basis. All of the steps above can be completed by professionals as well, which makes the process easier.

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