4 Tips For Saving Money With Your Water Heater

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
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It is quite common for bills to skyrocket during the winter season due to overuse of a water heater. Those that live in areas with freezing temperatures often deal with higher heating bills, no matter what measures they take to be efficient. Paying attention to other aspects of your home’s operating systems, like plumbing, can make up for some of the extra money spent on your HVAC. The following will help you lower your utility bills by offering ways that you can cut back on hot water consumption this winter season.

Keep the temperature lower

Your water heater thermostat should be set to 120 degrees all year long, according to a recommendation from the Department of Energy. This temperature not only keeps your energy bills under control, but prevents scalds and burns from happening. Water that is too hot is especially dangerous to the elderly and children, so check your thermostat to confirm it is safe.

Take quicker showers

When the outside temperature plummets below freezing, it can be tempting to linger in a warm shower for longer than is necessary. Consider the fact that the water you are showering in comes through your plumbing at about two gallons per minute. You are paying to use all of that water and the energy to heat it. If you want lower utility bills, take shorter showers and bundle up afterwards to stay warm.

Insulate the tank in your water heater

Insulating your tank will help preserve hot water by preventing the water heater from cooling down. If the the unit cools down, it must to do double the work to heat back up. Insulation is especially important for those with water heaters in areas of the home that are not well heated with HVAC. If you choose to insulate, be sure to follow manufacturer instructions. You do not want to accidently cover the thermostat or burner.

Replace your water heater

If your hot water heater is getting old, replacing it will likely end up saving you money in the long run. An Energy Star water heater costs less to run due to it special efficiency features. There are other new technologies available that could also help you save, such as solar-powered or tankless water heaters.

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