4 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Commercial HVAC Unit

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018
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Heating and cooling are necessary if you run a commercial property, whether you have an office space, cafe, hair salon, or other business. In fact, not having a system in your commercial property could impact your ability to secure and keep clients. To meet the needs of every unique commercial property, there are now hundreds of different models and configurations of HVAC units available. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your commercial HVAC, you could be overwhelmed by the choices.

The trick is to narrow down your choices by identifying what the system will need to do. This post will go over four factors you should consider in narrowing down your choices. These include choosing between single and multiple zone, variable and constant volume, forced and radiant air, and ductless and duct units.

Multi-zone vs. single zone

The basic difference between single and multi-zone HVAC units are the sizes of the areas they serve. A single-zone HVAC unit can easily work for one area, like a one-room office space or restaurant, while multi-zone units are designed to handle entire buildings. If you own a multi-unit commercial or mixed commercial space, you will be better off with a multi-zone HVAC unit. This type of commercial system allows you to have multiple control points to set the temperature for different areas. However, if you have a small shop or restaurant, you can get by with a single zone unit.

Constant volume vs. variable volume

Constant volume systems are designed to push air at a constant speed and rate at all times. A variable unit is designed to provide different airflow and temperatures based on preferences and pressure sensors. This is like the environmental setting on your HVAC unit that shuts down your air conditioner after a certain temperature is reached.

Constant volume systems are good for general real estate spaces like storefronts that don’t need to adjust the air flow or temperature often. However, you may want to choose variable volume units for commercial office spaces. This will give your tenants control over the temperature and air flow in their respective areas.

Forced and radiant air systems

Radiant air commercial HVAC systems are more energy efficient and have longer lifetimes, reduced lifetime costs, and better thermal use. Conversely, forced air units are more reactive in cooling or heating spaces and they have better filtering systems, which improves indoor air quality. These systems also provide stronger air flow. In general, you can get by with a radiant air system and they are cheaper to operate and last longer. However, in certain situations, you should use a forced air HVAC unit for proper heating and cooling.

For example, in heavily polluted areas like places near industrial zones, highways, and ports, you may want a forced air unit to clean the air. Your tenants may be dealing with pollutants in the air that aggravate their allergies or asthma. Moreover, improved indoor air quality keeps your building in cleaner, better shape.

Ducted vs. ductless

Duct and ductless are the last two main factors that influence air condition systems. A ducted system pairs the HVAC unit with a series of ducts to transport the air throughout the building. These passageways can both heat and cool your building. Conversely, a ductless system comes with no ductwork to transport the air. Rather, they use a series of air handlers that blow air into each room.

Essentially, you should use a ducted commercial HVAC unit if your system already has ducts and you would like to improve the airflow in your building. If your building doesn’t have ducts or the space to install them, you should go with a ductless system. You can also use ductless systems if you are adding a room, like an addition to a restaurant, or if you want to create multiple cooling zones.

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