4 Signs That Your Industrial Boiler Is In Good Condition

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Maintenance is the best way to prevent having to repair or replace your industrial boiler. Maintenance can solve many problems before they cause real damage in any area of your life. In health, if you eat moderately well and exercise occasionally, it is better than engaging in crash diets and spurts of an intense workout. The same philosophy applies to maintaining your industrial boilers. The closer you pay attention to your equipment and care for it, the longer it will last last and the more efficient it will be. The following four signs will tell you that industrial boiler maintenance is keeping your equipment healthy.

Low emissions

While most states impose regulations that limit emissions from newer boilers, the emissions still tell a story about your equipment. Your system should be able to operate at peak capacity while staying within the emissions limits imposed by your state. If you notice your industrial boiler spikes or has issues with emissions, that is a reliable indicator that it needs an inspection and maintenance.

Good fuel usage

Fuel usage should coincide with energy output in a healthy industrial boiler. For instance, if you increase operations, then fuel usage should similarly increase and vice-versa. However, if you note that over the course of a few months that fuel usage spikes with no changes in performance, something is wrong with your boiler.

Operating metrics should be stable

If you have an industrial boiler, make sure you keep a log of its operations, maintenance, and inspections. The log will create data on your boiler’s performance. You can note any changes in performance or operations which could indicate a maintenance problem in these logs as well. Some standard metrics you will want to note include gas pressure, feedwater pump operation, operating temperature, flue gas temperature, and water levels. A boiler that is in good shape should have stable metrics across the board.

Good thermal and combustion efficiency

The hallmarks of an industrial boiler are the thermal and combustion efficiency. This equipment converts heat into energy, and the efficiency marks how easily those conversions take place. Your thermal and combustion efficiency is highly interrelated. Inspect and track your steam-to-fuel ratio and your boiler’s ability to operate with little air, sometimes as low as 15 to 20 percent. These ratios will help you track boiler operation and identify if your equipment needs maintenance.

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