4 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber

Thursday, March 31st, 2022
leaky pipe

When something goes wrong with your plumbing, it can be a huge inconvenience. A plumbing emergency, however, can be a genuine disaster. If you’re not sure whether or not you should call an emergency plumber, here are four situations that warrant one.

Risk Of Flooding

One of the most common reasons to call an emergency plumber is when there is a risk of flooding. It’s important to fix this problem immediately because water damage can be extremely costly and time-consuming to repair. Not only will water damage your personal belongings, but it can also destroy the structural integrity of your home or business, ruining your walls, floors, and ceilings. Plumbing emergencies don’t always result in flooding, but they often lead to it, so it’s best to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Leaky Pipes

Just like flooding, a burst pipe or water leak can lead to a lot of damage if not dealt with immediately. A small leak may not seem like a big deal, but if left untreated it can become worse over time. Not only will you have to pay for the repairs, but you could also end up with a mold infestation.

Clogged Drains

Although clogged drains don’t seem like an emergency, they can quickly become one if not dealt with right away. A clogged drain can cause water to back up and overflow, resulting in a huge mess. This is especially true if you have a septic tank, as the backup could potentially damage your septic system.

Sewer Backup

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience a sewer backup, then it’s definitely an emergency! Sewer backups are not only disgusting, but they can also be dangerous. The toxic fumes from the sewage can cause serious respiratory problems, and the bacteria in the water can make you very sick.

Have A Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies can be a serious problem and it’s important to know when you need to call an emergency plumber. If your residential or commercial plumbing has given you any of these problems listed above, give Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical a call today! You can reach us at (806) 376-8345, contact us via email, or stop by our location at 404 S. Hayden St. in Amarillo, Texas.