4 Common Issues Your Commercial HVAC System Could Face

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
upgrading your commercial HVAC system

Your commercial HVAC is one of the most important pieces of equipment to the operation of your business, whether you have a small retail space or large office. If your customers are forced to shop in a cold or extremely hot place, your business will quickly become known as an unpleasant place. Also, your employees can’t focus on working if they are constantly trying to stay warm or cool. A reliable HVAC system is a critical but often underappreciated component of running a business. This post will go over the most common issues your commercial HVAC system could face and how to deal with them.

Fan problems

HVAC systems generate heat, even if they are cooling your office down, and that excess heat has to go somewhere. In the winter, you want the heat to go into your building. The only way to move the air is with a fan. The fans in commercial spaces, unlike in homes, are large and work harder for longer periods. These fans are built bigger and stronger to last.

The key components of a commercial fan are the blades, motor, belts, and wiring. Common issues you can face include frayed wires, which interrupt electrical flow resulting in poor operational quality or even interrupted service. You can also expect the fan belts to wear with age, causing them to loosen or snap. Finally, the motor can develop issues over time.

If you notice that your fan is making a strange noise or is operating inconsistently, that could be an indication that something is wrong. An experienced commercial HVAC technician can help if you suspect a problem.

Faulty ductwork

Ductwork moves hot and cool air throughout your building. The ductwork is another piece of your HVAC system that is vital to operating efficiency. It is designed to absorb the extreme temperatures the system faces but it can still suffer from normal wear and tear. Also, if your ductwork is not designed well, it could result in poor performance.

Some common issues you can expect to see include leaks, cracks, disconnection issues, and holes that can all result in substantial heat loss. Fixing ductwork is dangerous and complex, so you should call a professional for assistance rather than try to resolve the issue yourself.

Electrical problems

Your commercial HVAC uses a lot of electricity to run and many components must absorb and convert that power. Some areas that experience electrical issues are the start and run capacitors. These parts help your HVAC system run and a malfunction in either could result in cascading issues that impact the entire unit.

Filter issues

HVAC filters are another critical piece of equipment. They remove particulates such as dust to keep the air inside your building clean for your employees and patrons. If you or your employees are experiencing repeated sinus issues (frequently in spring and summer), then check out your filters. You should replace HVAC filters at the end of every winter, but changing them once a month is usually best. Not changing a filter can harm the system as well because it can become clogged.

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