4 Common Commercial HVAC Ductwork Problems

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018
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One of the most expensive issues with commercial HVAC systems is broken or malfunctioning ductwork. The ductwork is a series of connected, suspended tunnels that move hot and cold air throughout your building. The vents in your ceilings are fed by the ductwork. If there is a problem with this part of the system, it can affect your entire HVAC system. Here is how you can identify and repair four common issues within your ductwork.

Improper ductwork size

Is your ductwork too large or too small for proper airflow? One major problem with ductwork that is too small is that it can cause your HVAC system to overheat. If your system is overheating, it can cause a shutdown, as well as excessive wear.

An overheated system could suffer catastrophic damage. Most HVAC systems are installed with safety triggers which will deactivate the entire unit when needed. However, these triggers aren’t perfect, so your commercial HVAC system could still be seriously damaged if it becomes overheated.

Reduced airflow levels

Leaks are another major problem with commercial HVAC systems. Ductwork leaks interfere with the expected movement of air, which can create hot and cold spots that incorrectly distribute air. This can cause employees and customers to be uncomfortable and make it difficult to conduct business.

Bad indoor air quality

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is a must-have in any work environment. Your tenants and employees rely on your HVAC system to filter out dust and contaminants from the air. Leaks and damage to your system could cause harmful particles to accumulate inside your building, which causes poor air quality.

For example, depending on the location of your office, smog, dust, and allergens could all be a major problem for your indoor air quality. Your HVAC system is the first and primary line of defense for keeping the air clean inside your business.

Another major problem is dust, which can accumulate anywhere inside your building if the system isn’t running properly. The excessive accumulation of dust can cause health problems, fire risks, and damage sensitive equipment like computers. Lastly, dust simply doesn’t look good. If you’re trying to impress customers or business partners, the last thing they should see is a dusty office.

Higher energy bills

Another issue that indicates there is a problem with your ductwork is higher energy usage. Faulty ductwork wastes cold and hot air, and inefficiently distributes the air. This can drive up monthly costs, lower efficiency, and damage your budget. Some signs of this include when your system continuously starts and stops, the heat exchanger produces a strange color, or the temperature sensor reaches its limit too often.

What you can do when your ductwork isn’t working properly

The first thing you should do is have your ductwork inspected. A commercial HVAC maintenance company can identify any troubled areas and will know how to address them. If the problems are too costly to repair, you may have to install an entirely new system. The best way to avoid spending too much, however, is to have regular inspections and maintenance done throughout the year.

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