4 Adjustments That Increase Boiler Efficiency

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

The efficiency of a commercial boiler depends on its design, although there are several external factors which could also potentially affect the system’s efficiency. If you have noticed a decline in your boiler’s efficiency, you may be able to fix the issue by adjusting one of four factors. These factors include ambient temperature, radiant heat loss, excess air, and flue gas temperature.

Excess air

Most boilers take in extra air during combustion. This air can be a problem because it absorbs heat that should be used to warm the boiler’s water. This issue will likely occur in low-emission systems as air is introduced to decrease the carbon monoxide emissions. You should monitor the boiler’s air consumption often and recalibrate as needed in order to stay within specifications and prevent a reduction in efficiency.

Ambient temperature

Efficiency calculations for commercial boilers assume an ambient temperature between 70 and 80 degrees. If the boiler is not in this type of environment, it will be forced to take in cold air. This problem will not allow you to have the same efficiency the design specifications estimate. However, ambient temperature issues can be corrected if you install a combustion air heater. The heater will raise the intake air to the correct temperature.

Radiant heat loss

All heating systems will lose heat due to radiation. Make sure your commercial boiler is properly insulated and that it is in good condition. The proper insulation will minimize heat loss through the surface.

Flue gas temperature

The exhaust gas, or flue gas, from your commercial boiler will always be warm. If the gas is too warm, it can be a sign that the system is not taking as much heat from combustion as it should. You might be able to adjust your boiler to capture more of the combustion heat by installing economizers. It is also important to invest in regular cleaning if you use a solid fuel like biomass. Cleaning will help to improve the heat transfer and keep the flue gas temperature in the right range.

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