3 Tips To Prevent Your Boiler From Freezing This Winter

Thursday, December 7th, 2017
proper boiler maintenance is key to the efficiency of your boiler system

With winter approaching, it is a good time to revisit boiler maintenance, especially if your equipment is at risk of freezing. A frozen boiler is unable to operate and could actually require replacement if the ice damages it. This issue can also necessitate a shutdown for repairs, costing your business time and resources. For these reasons, it is vital to protect your equipment from freezing. The following three tips can protect your boiler during the winter season.

Check the pipes

The pipes within your boiler system are crucial to the operation of your equipment, and they are extremely susceptible to damage in the winter. Boiler systems are constantly cycling water, which means that your pipes are always under threat of freezing. Water flows within boilers and also condenses on the outside. Prior to winter, you should inspect your pipes to ensure that they are insulated. Proper insulation is the only way to prevent freezing damage to your pipes.

Review performance measures

You should already run a spot check on key performance measurements of your boiler. These measurements show the first signs that something is off with your equipment. However, performance checks take on a new urgency during the winter months. Indicators like water levels, water cutoff points, and operating pressure should be checked every day. Keep in mind that older boilers tend to lose pressure efficiency over time.

Additionally, if you tend to keep your boiler off during the summer months, you should run it at least once a day to prevent seizing during the winter. When you run it, make sure to keep it on for at least 10 to 15 minutes to check performance measures. Ideally, you will catch a problem before winter sets in so you can fix it beforehand.

Schedule an inspection with an expert

If you are concerned about your equipment seizing up this winter, contact a professional boiler technician as soon as possible. Keep in mind that these companies become busier in the winter due to the increase of boiler problems. It can be helpful to have a regular maintenance schedule with your boiler technician to ensure inspections and repairs happen quickly and efficiently.

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