3 Steps For Keeping Your Refrigeration System In Good Shape

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018
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A working refrigeration and air conditioning system is critical for restaurants, convenience marts, grocery stores, and many other businesses that rely on keeping customers happy. If your system has ever broken down, you know the resulting problems it can cause. The following will go through some basic maintenance tips to keep your system running smoothly this summer.

1. Practice preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance refers to regularly inspecting and repairing any issues with your refrigeration system. For instance, you should check the system’s temperature readings, and inspect the discharge, liquid, and suction lines in the condenser. You should also check the thermostat and pressure controls, clean and lubricate the motors, clean the drain pans and coils, and confirm refrigerant levels. All of these steps will help to protect your equipment from experiencing major malfunctions.

Creating a maintenance schedule and hiring a professional refrigeration and HVAC company to maintain your equipment can keep your system running well. These schedules can be customized to the exact needs of your business. Looking for a company that can handle both your refrigeration and HVAC is important, as both are systems you use heavily throughout the year.

2. Get automated alarm monitoring

Modern commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems will activate an alarm if something in the system is wrong. If your system does not already have an alarm, you should consider investing in one. Having one can ensure that minor problems do not cascade into catastrophic failures. Automatic monitoring will minimize food inventory loss by notifying you to restore operational settings before too much is lost.

3. Make sure your equipment is located correctly

Make sure your refrigeration equipment is placed away from exterior windows and walls. These areas can let in heat, which reduces the efficiency of your refrigeration system, forcing it to cool down more frequently and work harder to stay cold. If your refrigeration is forced to work harder and longer, it will break down more frequently and increase your overall costs.

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