3 Signs That Your HVACR System Needs Maintenance

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
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If you own a business or commercial property that uses an HVACR system, you may not have time to keep up with its maintenance on your own. This is why hiring a company is important. But, there are some things you can look out for before calling a company. The following are three of the most common issues your HVACR system may experience.

Evaporator coil problems

The evaporator coil in your HVACR system is a crucial component that operates under difficult conditions. So, it needs regular inspections and maintenance. One issue that often comes up with the coil occurs in the fans. The coil will not work if the fans are broken or blocked, so be sure to look at these often.

Another issue to check for is ice in the drain pan, which builds up naturally as part of the condensing process that occurs inside the unit. The drain line is meant to shunt water out and away from sensitive components. A build-up of ice or water indicates that the drain line is blocked. If this issue isn’t addressed, it could result in a build-up that restricts air flow and cooling. If the HVACR system is unable to cool, it could result in a catastrophic breakdown because it must work overtime.

You should also keep an eye on dirt build-up. Do you see dirt on the back of the coil? This issue occurs when materials that are suspended in the air cling to the coil. Over time, it begins to appear like a carpet and restricts airflow. Regular cleanings prevent dirt build-up from becoming critical.

Issues with the condenser

Condensers also use fans, but these are meant to remove the heat generated by the condenser coil. The fans are activated by pressure switches which enable more fans based on increasing heat and pressure. These parts spin quickly and eventually do fail. In general, an HVACR system will have three fans. If one of these fans fail, the rest will work harder and for longer periods, increasing pressure on the system.

Another common issue that comes up with the condenser coils is dirt. Dirty condenser coils reduce the heat exchange rate, which forces the system to work longer and harder to discharge heat. Dirty condensers result from debris like paper, dust pollen, and even vegetation such as leaves.

You should keep an eye on the refrigerant levels of your HVACR system. It should have a sight glass that allows you to see the flow of liquid refrigerant. If the refrigerant is persistently low, that could indicate a leak. At this point, you should contact a technician for help. You don’t want to hunt around inside your HVAC for a leak. A technician can go over the likely places a leak is occurring so you can watch for it in the future.

Finally, just like with your car, if your HVACR is making a weird noise, that probably means something is wrong. You should get your system checked as soon as possible if you notice any weird sounds.

Degrading insulation on piping

Insulation ages and degrades over time. The older your HVACR system, the more likely it will need the insulation replaced. The insulation on the suction pipe is usually one of the first sections to go. Make sure you check for cracks or brittleness and replace it as soon as possible.

Do you know how your HVACR system works?

Make sure you take time to ask your technician how refrigeration works and how your particular system operates. When you get a repair bill, you probably would like to understand what the technician did and what parts were replaced. Educating yourself on your HVACR system will allow you to learn more about your unit.

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