3 Plumbing Tips To Help Maintain Your Rental Properties

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
Construction plumbing and HVAC in Amarillo, Texas.

Landlords have to deal with some unique plumbing situations brought about by tenants. If a tenant does not know how to take care of the plumbing, problems are sure to arise. There are a few proactive things you can do as a landlord to cut down on expensive plumbing repairs and replacements. Be sure to set water heaters to factory settings, check garbage disposals, and take care of your laundry facility’s plumbing.

Set water heaters on factory setting

Keep the water heater’s temperature on the factory setting. Some tenants believe they will get more water if they turn the temperature up on the thermostat. Turning the temperature up does not give them more water, but it does give them hotter water. If the water heater is set to a higher temperature, it uses more energy and shortens the heater’s lifespan. You will have to deal with higher energy bills and expensive maintenance, and you will be paying to replace the heater sooner than necessary.

Check garbage disposals

Garbage disposals are often a cause of concern for landlords. These plumbing components need to be checked regularly to ensure they are doing their job correctly. There is no telling what a tenant may put down the disposal. This equipment should not just chop up food, it should also be able to push debris down without getting blocked. A quick, regular garbage disposal check up will help you avoid expensive drain cleaning and repairs.

Maintain laundry facility plumbing

The laundry facilities at a rental property are used frequently, especially at larger apartment complexes. You must ensure that washer drain hoses are kept clear or you will risk a clog and huge repair costs. Routinely inspect washer valves for wear and tear. If a plumbing valve fails, water may gush out or drip down the interior of the wall. Visual inspection of all the plumbing in a laundry facility goes a long way towards preventing repairs as well.

Need help with plumbing maintenance at your rental property?

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