3 Benefits Of Hydro Excavation

Monday, July 26th, 2021
Hydro Excavation truck

Hydro Excavation is the process of digging or excavating soil without damaging the utilities underground using high-pressure water and a vacuum. It’s mainly used for digging utility holes, trenching, and digging sewer pipes. 

Makes Digging Faster And Easier

One of the many benefits of hydro excavation is how fast it is compared to traditional digging techniques. It is also less labor intensive. Traditional excavation involves the use of a backhoe for major operations and hand tools for smaller ones. Hydro excavation is faster because the vacuuming process picks up the dirt and puts it in the tank on the truck. With the traditional method, you have to go back and forth with a backhoe moving the dirt into a dump truck.

In cold weather, hydro excavation is used instead of traditional because the water and vacuum make it easier to dig when the soil is frozen. With this method, less workers are needed because the vacuum does most of the work. In the end, you save more time and money than you would with traditional digging.

Offers Greater Precision

In some situations, you aren’t allowed to dig using traditional excavation, especially in places that have underground utilities. The use of hydro excavation allows these types of projects to remain compliant, because it reduces backfilling and prevents accidents that result in additional repairs. Typically, these repairs are expensive and take a while to complete.

Safer And Better For The Environment

Traditional excavation involves more labor intensive equipment and techniques, which comes with additional risk factors. This method could result in hazardous conditions for workers such as cave ins, landslides, and falling debris. With hydro excavation, an extension is used so that the workers are at a further, safer distance from the worksite.

Hydro excavation is also better for the environment because it uses water for digging holes and trenches. It’s non-hazardous, and does not damage the underground utilities since there is no digging that disturbs the soil. Because it’s safer for the environment and is less likely to cause damage, insurance companies offer better rates to companies that use this method. The companies then offer the same savings to the customer. 

Hydro Excavation Services in the Texas Panhandle

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